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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  July 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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of the heat from 10 to 3 when it gets the hottest. remember to drink plenty of water and check on elderly neighbors heat exhaustion and heat stroke can set in when it gets this hot and humid. back out here live in upper fells point at pratt and washington streets, pge crews hope to have the power restored sometime this morning again, power has been out to 400 homes in the community since last night at around 8:30. they say it's from faulty electrical cable and they are work on replacing that and we will keep you posted as to when that power should be restored. live in upper fells point linda so, ab cr 2-- abc2 news. we have a complete list of cooling centers on our website at it's important to drrchg water when the temperatures rise -- drink water when temperatures rise but for some staig hydrated will be difficult. community was told to stockpile water in and it is passengers of a emergency shut off to the supply for days. we are told the water could be shut off today for 100,000
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people and it could stay that way for about 4 days. >> reporter: if you are getting an early head start heading downtown no problems on the jfx. it will take 11 minutes from the beltway to east fayette streetch the artscape has shut down several roads including cathedral street at mount royal west mount royal avenue and north avenue and land veal street and these are a few of the many-- landville street and these are a few of the manystreets. everything will be shut down until tuesday of next week. 95 looks good done town. 55 miles per hour along the north bound lanes at 395. traveling out on the beltway in parkville at harford road, the inner loop is clear down to 95. outer loop normal drive time 11 minutes from 95 all the way up to 83. that's your timesaver traffic. the attorney for a man who is being evicted from his apartment because he owns a pit
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bull plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling which found it's legal under state law. the state's pit bull law means that if a pit bull bites you you can sue the owner and his or her landlord and you are likely to win even if the pit bull has not bitten someone before. last year armisted apartment began evicting a long time tenant. a judge ruled again the tenant upholding the maryland law. >> what is is a pit bull? you know i know it when i see it? i don't think citizens are on notice what violates this a what doesn't violate it. and that was inform addressed. >> animal advocates say since the court of appeals ruling thatled to the strict lie ability more dogs have been crowding shelters. the attorney says there's no timetable for the appeal to the federal circuit court in richmond but we will keep you posted on how it proceed.
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the victim of a 2004 shooting at rapiddalstown high -- randallstown high school won a civil case againstshooters. he was paralyd after being shot twice in the school's park lot on may 7th 2004 after a basketball game. tipper who is 26 is a graduate from morguean state university where-- morgan state university where he earned a degree as a electrical engineer. a 10-year-old boy hit by an amtrak train is recovering. amtrak engineer told police he struck a child along the tracks in middle river sunday morning. but it was weird because the police never found the victim or a body. they did find a shirt and fishing gear caught under the train. on the other side of the tracks, they found a tattered tackle box and maryland license. police found the father of the boy at johns hopkins where his son is recovering this morning. the case is in the hands of amtrak. and new details about the deadly ocean city plane crash.
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the ntsb's report shows the plane was intact when it hit the ocean last month. officials believe the plane fractured upon impact and investigators hope to recomfort video from the camera in the rear cockpit to determine what went wrong. a second ntsb report will be released once the investigation is complete. 4:37. harford county executive david craig is rung for governor and is sek-- running for governor and is expected to announce his running mate today who has been a member of the house of delegates since 2003 representing the district on the eastern shore. annapolis is getting a new police chief. kevin davis takes over and his reputation suffered from his association with the previous county executive john leopold who resigned after pleading guilty to misconduct in office. giant and the maryland food bank will bring hot meals to children as part of a program to ensure that kids who rely on
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free or reduced lunch don't go hungry during the summer months. today's delivery is the first of many thank to a three-year grant from giant and will provide almost 2 million meals to children here in our state. time for a check on the weather. this is something we will be talking about all morning and all week because it's warm out there. >> it's getting dangerous outside. >> you are right. in fact, the national weather service issued a heat advisory for southern baltimore county and the city at lunch through-- time through 7 this evening. that's what we are working with this morning. temperatures coming in at the mid-80s right now in baltimore city. 86 already so you can see where the temperatures are going once we get the sunshine beaming through. pasadena coming in at 82 degrees. we are seeing more 80s around centerville and annapolis at 81. we are in the upper 70s in aberdeen and perry hall and the temperatures are going to go
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into the 90s as we go into the afternoon. but you know it's going to feel like we are in the triple digits. and then we will throw in the dew points. yes, the measure of the moisture in the air in the 70s. it's going to be oppressive for today and this trend is going to continue through the end of the week. we are talking about dew points in the mid-70s around centerville this morning. 74 in annapolis and 74 in chestertown more of the seam in elkton. 73 in cockeysville and perry hall. look at big picture. we look at the satellite and radar not dealing with rain close to home and all the rain back off to the south and west as of now. we are under a bubble of high pressure and with that, that's going to provide us with the heat and humidity that will come our way. this is what's coming our way for today. around lunchtime today, the temperature coming in at 93 degrees. i will give you the high temperature coming up but let's go back over to megan and charley. people are rallying against the george zimmerman verdict. >> we are hearing from a juror about what happened henned closed doors and why she says
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this decision was not easy. >> good news about baltimore this morning. employees are seeing better than normal pay raises. we will tell you why. >> reporter: no delays on 97 at benefield boulevard and i will show you what the other main lines look like and have the latest drive times on good morning maryland.
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people all over the country are reacting after 17-year-old trayvon martin was shot and killed and the not guilty
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verdict are reacting again. people are rallying for the victim and his family. in baltimore, hundreds of people gathered at to call for justice for trayvon martin. demonstrators are calling for a new trial but meantime, the federal investigation into the death of martin is open meaning zimmerman could face a civil lawsuit. those against the verdicts continue to rally across the country and we are learning more about what happened inside the deliberation room. this morning we are hearing from one of the jurors who found george zimmerman not guilty. charley has more on what the woman is saying. >> she only described as juror b37 says coming to the ultimate verd it was not an easy process. she was -- verdict was not an easy process. she was one of the 6 deciding the verdict. she sat down with anderson cooper to give her side of the story saying when they entered the jury room 3 thought he was not belty one thought he was guilty of second degree murder
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and three thought he -- two thought he was guilty of second degree manslaughter. she says it took hours to come to an agreement and after reaching one everyone began to cry. >> it's just hard thinking that somebody lost their life and there's nothing else that could be done about it. i mean, it's what happened is sad it's a tragedy that happened but it happened. i think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into i think both of them could have walked away. it just didn't happen. >> the juror says she will do no more interviews and never wants to serve on a jury again. there are reports that juror b37 was going to write a tell all book but says she is decided against moving forward with with that. george zimmerman's parents are speak out since the son--
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speaking out since their son was acquitted. they spoke about the difficulty of watching their son go through the difficult second degree murder trial and say that they are dealing with the fallout from the verdict. >> it's a lot of death threats you know in the social media. >> we have had enormous amount of death threats. >> we are deeply sorry for this tragedy. deeply sorry and we pray for trayvon martin. >> zimmerman's parents said they don't know where their son is this morning. this morning we are learning more about the deadly wild fire in arizona responsible for killing 19 elite firefighters. according to a new report released by arizona state forestry devision the fire was caused by a lightning strike and was of little concern in the beginning and that's because it was in a remote location and small in size but the report found the fire grew quickly and was erratic leading
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officials to order more resource to the area. the report doesn't explain why the hot shots were still on the mountain more than an hour after winds shifted or why crews were warned about the changing weather. we have new video out of southern california that's incredible. this is what crews are battle a swift moving brush fire and so far it burned more than 200 acres and forced dozens to evacuate from the homes. because of the remoteness, ground crews are assisted by water dropping helicopters as well as air tankers. fire is 5% contained and this wild fife is just one of many around the country in the past few months. according to noaa in june there were 4,000 wild fires that burned about 1.2 million acres. now to high winds a haboob rolling through phoenix air zonate second dust storm in the state since friday-- arizona, the second dust storm in the state since friday.
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according to the national climate data center, last month was the 13th wettest june on record in the united states. 18 states from georgia to maine posted record precipitation totals. it was the total of the 15th warmest june on record and this month the heat is sticking around. so we certainly did see a lot of rain and there you have it. 13th the raniest june. >> we have seen five and -- fire and rain but across maryland we are seeing heat. >> you are right. >> i know but we are going to be dealing with some dangerous heat as we go through today. and also through the end of the week. so you really need to take it easily. take your action maybe you are brushing your teeth and hear me talking into the afternoon we will deal with a heat advisory and a-- in a lot of spots. let's talk about temperatures this morning getting you out the door. we are close to 80 in catonsville and bowie more of the same in manchester.
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82 in emetsburg and # 77 in churchville. remember, we do have the humidity out there dew points in the 70s. we are feeling like we are in the mid-80s. as we go into the afternoon, what we are going to be encountering once again we have the area of high pressure just this big heat bubble and with this that jet stream you do see that big ridge in the jet stream allowing for all the moisture and the heat to come in here from the gulf of mexico and this is exactly what we are going to be feeling as we continue through the day as we continue through the next several days. the big picture the heat hold tough this week and we are going to be dealing with several days of searing heat across the area. so, be prepared. this is the beginning of it. abc2's most accurate future trends tries to pick up of relief in the form of showers on or-- showers or thunderstorms. if you have crazy heat photos facebook or tweet us at abc2 weather. let's check the traffic with
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lauren. >> reporter: the dog that is has the right idea laying on the ice. it's going to be a hot day. we are looking at high speeds on the 95. no traffic northbound lanes clocking in at 62 miles per hour in elk ring and it's going to be an-- elk ridge and it's going to be a easy ride into downtown. traveling in the city, be aware that this weekend artscape has shut down many roads. and landville street closed for a complete list of all the closures go to the road will not reopen until tuesday of next week. traveling on 895, everything is getting through the harbor tunnel despite construction northbound. and 695 also moving along. this is the west side at interstate 70. traffic is picking up on the outer loop but a normal 12 minute ride from 795 down to 95. that's your timesaver traffic. you know you are living in
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a city where employee see the biggest pay hikes. over the past year baltimore had the second largest bump of any city in the country. higher paying jobs in finance and health care lifted the average pay at a faster rate than the national average. the city with the biggest pay hike was that in san francisco. the tornado in moore devastated the silty and this morning people are -- city and this morning people are trying to pick up pieces of their lives. >> find out what a brother and sift remember doing to lift the -- did-- sister are doing to lift spirits of those affected by the storm. >> we will tell you where the ravens rank on the list of most valuable franchises.
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ravens fans you get another chance to cheer for ray lewis the answer a-- ravens announced lewis will be induck into the ring of honor this upcoming season september 22nd when the ravens play houston. spent his career with the rains and ed reed will be at the ceremony. the baltimore ravens are one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world according to forbes which ranks the ravens at 19 valued at more than 1.5 billion dollars. here the top five cowboys took the 5th spot yankees come in 4th and top 3 are all european
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soccer teams. barcelona manchester united and the real madrid. to baseball where there's a new home run derby king but it was not chris davis. he smacked 8 bombs and that one being among the biggest. he was eliminated after the second round where he hit 4 bombs. he opened the blister on his right hand and says he will be fine. the winner was yoenis cepedes going onto beat harper from the washington nationals in a final interesting caveat. bryce harper's dad threw mvp. >> that's pretty cool. >> all star game is tonight at 7 clp 30 from new york. birds have five-- 7:30 from new york. birds have fire plaiives. jones will be in the 7 spot and jj ---- five players. jones will be in the 7 spot. this is the first time since
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1997 that the on the's sent 5 players -- that the o's sent 5 players to the classic. >> it will be a good place to be because you will be in the ac. >> absolutely i didn't think about that. the people on citifield will be boiling tonight but we have the benefit of watching it in air conditioning. >> exactly. >> refrigerated air. >> and when they go to the game tonight it's going to be in the 90s. so we will really be feeling it for the next several days. temperatures today i am going with 96 degrees. that's the high temperature but that's not even that bad when you figure in the humidity look at what we have with the heat index up about-- up to about 105 degrees we will feel it as we go through tonight and the next several days. that is coming in at 75 under mostly clear sky and another steamer is going to be on tap for us and by tomorrow it's going to be get hotter going to 98 degrees. feeling like the triple digits once again. but it's going to feel hotter
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than 105 i am talking about. the 7-day forecast looks like this as the hot temperatures will continue right through friday. and we will start to get a little bit relief once the cold front makes the way through by the weekend. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: 9 will de-- 98 degrees tomorrow. oh, my. it will be another hot day. traveling downtown this rning, you want to be aware this weekend's artscape shut down many roads cathedral street shut down at point royal point royal avenue -- mount royal avenue and this is just a few of the many intersections that are shut down for a complete list of the road that are going to be closed through next tuesday you can go to right now 95 moving along in eastern avenue. you won't have any problems traveling from the harbor tunnel throughway to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. 7 minutes and here's a look at the beltway. east side looks good at 11 minutes on outer loop from 95 all the way to-- way up to 83.
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west side 12 minutes from the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's your timesaver traffic. stay with us. there is much more coming up. you are watching good morning maryland.
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[audio not understandable] >> they collected thousands of.
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[audio not understandable] rachel and tj felt lpless watching the news reports after the tore nidos in may. they took worries into action and asked people to donate items from the youngest storm victims there. the family drove a thousand miles to oklahoma city with the truck packed full of stuffed animals making the special delivery. >> the stuffed animals will be passed out at a back to school event happening next month. >> that's awesome. >> good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> a live look this morning in baltimore's inner harbor a code red alert. the heat is dangerous and deadly in places. baltimore now bracing for the extreme temperatures today and we have information of what you need to know to stay safe on this tuesday july 16th. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. let's get to the heat because that's the story not only today but probably for the rest of the week. >> you are right. it's going to be big story for the rest of the week.
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we are starting off this morning with temperatures coming in at 75 degrees in glenelg and they will cor from through but throwing in the-- will sore from there. but throwing in the humidity we are feelinlike the 80s. in man -- in manchester 79 and the dew point at 69. so we are feeling mid-80s in manchester and it will continue through the morning hours and get hotter of course as we go into the afternoon because we are going to be dealing with some searing sun. 80 in emmitsburg with the dew point at 68 degrees. this is what to expect going through the rest of today. looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we are dry right now. we are not going to be dealing with any rain an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible. but for the most part we should stay dry like yesterday. and as we work our way towards the afternoon, we are just going heat things up. but starting off this morning, maybe you had plans to take the bike ride. this morning, that's okay. but as you go through about 10:00 in the morning it's at 85 degrees. remember, that humidity is going to be with you all day so
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the 85 is going to be feeling like 80s. once we hit 90s we will feel like we are in the triple digits as we go into the afternoon and the national -- national weather service issued a heat advisory for baltimore city and south baltimore county. now back over to megan and charley. four people died from the heat and with the temperatures expected to sizzle this week, the city is doing what they can to keep you cool. the city health department issued a code red. linda so is live to explain exactly what that means. linda. >> reporter: it means they will be opening emergency cooling centers to help people stay cool in the ac and give out free water. people in that neighborhood will need it if the power is not he restored. we are at pratt and washington streets in upper fells point. nearly 400 homes lost power in this neighborhood. and being see this morning, bge crews are-- bge crews are working to fix the problem hoeing to -- hoping to have the power restored. in the heat you don't


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